10 Best Crossfit Shoes for 2022

If you’re looking for the best CrossFit shoes, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we review 10 of the best CrossFit shoes that will give you a competitive edge during your CrossFit workouts.

Do Crossfit Shoes Make a Difference?

The right shoes matter when it comes to ensuring optimal CrossFit performance. That’s why you need to ditch those running shoes you’ve been using for your CrossFit workouts right now because they are not doing you any justice.

Why is that?

You see, almost all running shoes have a large heel-to-toe drop (means the heel is raised) that propels you forward.

Combined with a high amount of padding, these two characteristics in running shoes could easily throw you off balance when lifting heavyweights.

Shoes that are specifically designed for CrossFit and weight lifting have a much smaller drop that prevents you from pitching forward onto your toes, especially during lifts.

Crossfit shoes also tend to have a much wider toe box that allows your toes to spread freely while evenly distributing your weight during lifts.

That said, here are the top 10 best CrossFit shoes that will give you the much-needed stability, flexibility, and increased range of motion during CrossFit workouts.

10 Best Crossfit Shoes 2022 (A Comprehensive Review and Buyer’s Guide)

1.  PUMA Men's Tazon 6 Fracture FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Puma is a global athletic brand that never disappoints when it comes to enhancing the performance of athletics and fitness fanatics through its high-quality and high-performance athletic gear.

One of their best CrossFit shoes, the PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 Fracture FM Cross-Trainer-Shoes, will quickly become your favorite CrossFit shoe thanks to its stable cushioning and unmatched flexibility for all your training needs.

The Tazon 6 FM provides adequate cushioning and added support thanks to its Soft Foam comfort insole and a middle saddle that ensures optimum fit and comfort.

They boast of an EVA heel pod that offers excellent cushioning and shock absorption for when you lift heavy weights and a TPU shank that helps increase stability.

The grippy rubber outsole provides maximum traction and stability so you won't have to worry about your feet sliding while lifting heavyweights.

The padded collar and tongue provide maximum comfort while their lace-up closure provides a snug yet custom fit.

As far as durability is concerned, the TAZON 6 FM will stay in shape over the long haul thanks to its synthetic upper construction and a seasonal fracture graphic that gives it a sleek, stylish, and modern look.

If you're looking for a CrossFit pair of shoes that will serve your feet well during your training, the Tazon 6 FM from PUMA is just what you need.

2.  Reebok Men's Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker

Overall Rating: 5/5

The Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker is the kind of shoe that lets you power through any workout thanks to its lightweight, comfortable, breathable, and durable design.

The Nano 8 Flexweave surpasses its predecessor in performance and fit, two features that come in very handy when it comes to cross-training.

At first glance, you’ll notice that the upper construction features a breathable material (Flexweave) that increases airflow into your feet when the workouts get more intense.

Besides breathability, the upper Flexweave construction provides excellent comfort as well as flexibility, stability, and durability.

The Nano 8 also features Flex grooves in the forefoot that increase the much-needed flexibility while the wide toe box offers a more comfortable fit while giving your toes freedom of movement.

The shoes also boast a dual-density midsole that enhances your comfort and flexibility in the forefoot while the comfortable fabric lining offers a great in-shoe feel.

Something else worth mentioning about this CrossFit shoe is the 360-degree TPU heel wrap that helps lock down your foot in place while lifting those weights. Its low-cut design does a great job promoting ankle mobility.

Their high-abrasion rubber outsole not only increases the durability of these shoes, but also flexes naturally for enhanced balance, stability, and traction especially when climbing rope.

The shoes are lightweight, durable, and comfortable and thus make high-intensity workouts a breeze.

3.  Ryka Women's Influence Cross-Training Shoe

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

The Ryka Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe is currently one of the best Crossfit shoes for women.

Although the biggest giveaway is the fact that they come in a wide range of vibrant colors that women love, these shoes are specially engineered for a woman’s unique foot shape, muscle movement, and build.

This is one reason that makes it an excellent choice for women looking for a high-impact pair of cross-training shoes that offer exceptional comfort and support.

Built to increase your comfort during high-intensity workouts, these shoes feature a synthetic and mesh upper that increases airflow into your feet while keeping them cool and dry- you can comfortably wear them all day long.

In addition to a breathable upper, the Ryka also sports a Flex-foil and direct fuse layers that provide excellent support during your workouts.

The midsole is constructed with a dual-density foam with high impact N-Gage EVA energy return that provides excellent cushioning on the heel and forefront while on impact while ensuring shape retention.

The anatomical insole provides additional arch and heel support for even the most intense activities while the rugged outsole with a footprint design and Pivot Points help provide excellent traction and ease of movement in every twist and turn.

The shoes are as attractive on the inside as they are on the outside. Plus thanks to their versatile design, these shoes will allow you to seamlessly transition between CrossFit training, heavy lifting to rope climbing without giving you any trouble.

4.  Vibram Men's KSO EVO Cross Training Shoe 

Overall Rating: 4/5

At first, you will notice the Vibram Men’s KSO EVO Cross Training Shoe’s foot-like design.
That’s because this shoe is specifically designed around the foot’s measurement in inches.

You’ll have to admit that they do look a little bit weird but there is a reason for this.
These cross-training shoes have an individual slot for each one of your toes. Of course, a total of 5 slots for each one of your toes gives the shoe a much wider toe surface area and this gives your toes enough room to spread while lifting weights.

These shoes give you a barefoot feel and the fact that they don’t have many outsoles makes them quite lightweight- it’s like you’re stepping on the ground on bare feet.

These shoes give you a better ground connection than any other CrossFit shoe out there.

The shoes feature an XS Vibram TREK Sole that increases performance especially when it comes to wet traction and flexibility.

The Vibram KSO cross-training shoe is also designed for comfort, stability, and durability. The insole features a 2mm EVA construction and a Drylex Sockliner that provides comfort and support while keeping your feet dry.

The shoes fit well especially given the fact that each toe has its slot, plus they are lightweight and comfy.

5.  Nike Men's Lunar Fingertrap Cross Trainer 

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

The Nike Men’s Lunar Fingertrap Cross Trainer is one of the best men’s Crossfit shoes for the everyday workout trainer.

It has excellent flexibility that most training enthusiasts appreciate, not to mention ample cushioning and stability for various gym CrossFit workouts.

The Luna Fingertrap cross trainer combines a Lunarlon midsole with Dynamic Fit Technology for a comfortable, glove-like fit.

The shoes boast of Finger-Trap-Inspired woven sides that provide a highly secure yet flexible fit, not to mention a sock-like fit that hugs your foot and even allows you to wear and remove the shoes with great ease.

The Nike’s Luna Fingertrap CrossFit shoes also feature some deep, wide flex grooves that allow your feet to move naturally. Without any restrictions, you’ll be able to lift heavy weights while enjoying great stability and flexibility.

The rubber outsole boasts a multidirectional pattern design that uses triangular nodes to provide you with all the traction you need for all your training moves.

The shoes are quite lightweight. You can lift weights or climb ropes without feeling heavy or bulky. They are breathable too, so you get to enjoy the lightweight and breathable comfort all through your workout sessions.

The Nike Lunar Fingertrap CrossFit is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a high-performance yet stylish and durable pair of CrossFit shoes.

6.  Reebok Men's Nano 9 Cross Trainer

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

We review yet another cross trainer from Reebok. If you had earlier bought the Nano 7 and 8 Reebok cross trainer shoes, then you will notice a huge design difference between them and the new Nano 9.

Of course, the Nano 9 does not disappoint like its predecessors.
The quality, performance, and durability of the Reebok Men’s Nano 9 Cross Trainer will match or exceed that of any top-rated CrossFit shoes in the market.

The shoes feature a Flexweave upper that provides excellent breathability, comfort, security, and durability. These trainers also feature a low-cut design that allows for unmatched ankle mobility.

The wide toe box provides a comfortable fit while offering your toes enough room to spread, thus allowing for maximum freedom of movement during training.

The Reebok Nano 9 boasts an improved dual-density midsole for enhanced comfort and more flexibility in the forefoot, making it a great training shoe for practically any activity.

It also features a 360-Degree TPU heel wrap that helps lock down your foot as well as a comfortable fabric lining that offers a great in-shoe feel.
For increased durability and protection, these shoes also feature RopePro carbon rubber that wraps the lateral side.

The outsole is quite tough and durable and is decoupled for enhanced heel-to-toe movement and even flexes for enhanced balance and stability during training.

The pair is one of the few CrossFit shoes that offer a true-to-size fit and thanks to their durable construction, these shoes will serve you for a very long time.

7.  Reebok Men's Lifter Pr Cross-trainer Shoe

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

The Reebok Men’s Lifter Pr Cross-Trainer Shoe is one of the best CrossFit shoes in the market right now and was designed for weightlifting. This means it has got all the essential features of a high-quality CrossFit shoe.

The Lifter Pr Cross-trainer shoe features a full-grain leather toe and an air mesh tongue on the upper section which both provide excellent support, breathability, and durability.

In addition to a mesh upper, these trainers also feature an anti-friction lining that helps minimize moisture and heat build-up, keeping you cool and dry even during your most intense workouts.

The shoes also feature a low-cut design that helps enhance the mobility of your ankles, not to mention a Powerbox TPU plate and a dual rubber outsole which provides excellent stability and flexibility.

Perhaps the biggest feature of these shoes is the heat-activated U-form Thermo TPU midfoot insole that perfectly molds to your foot to ensure a more comfortable and secure foot. This is a feature that you won’t find in many CrossFit shoes.

The shoes have a stylish design and come in a wide variety of colors.
NB: The manufacturer recommends ordering at least one size smaller than your usual size to ensure a good fit.

8.  Reebok Women's CROSSFIT Nano 8.0 Flexweave Cross Trainer

Overall Rating: 5/5

Look no further for the best CrossFit shoes for women than the Reebok Women’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Cross Trainer.
The Nano 8.0 for women has been specially engineered for maximum comfort, stability, flexibility, and durability.

These shoes feature the Flexweave Technology that weaves the fibers into a figure 8 to create a strong, breathable, and flexible upper.
The forefoot features deep flex grooves for maximum flexibility as well as added cushioning for maximum support and comfort.

These Nano 8.0 Women’s Crossfit shoes also feature a low-cut design that enhances ankle mobility while the Toe Section provides unmatched durability in the toe area to allow you to undertake high-intensity workouts without any restrictions.

And with their cushioned sole and heel bootie construction, these shoes provide the ultimate performance comfort.
The shoes come in a wide variety of colors so you can easily choose one that best suits your preferences.

Overall, the Reebok Women’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Cross Trainer is the kind of shoe that matches or exceeds the performance of the top-rated CrossFit shoes in the market. They are durable yet lightweight and supportive for ultimate performance comfort.

9.  New Balance Men's 517 V1 Cross Trainer

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

The New Balance Men’s 517 V1 Cross Trainer is the kind of shoe that provides you with exceptional comfort all day long while giving you much-needed flexibility and stability.

The shoes feature a leather overlay in the upper section as well as a breathable mesh for long-lasting comfort and durability.

The padded collar and tongue provide additional comfort during your workouts while the fabric lining with memory foam cushioned footbed ensures long-lasting comfort even during high-intensity activities.

The 517 V1 Cross-Trainer shoes also feature an IMEVA midsole that provides more comfort and support while the tough and durable rubber outsole increases traction for when you lift those heavyweights, climb ropes, or perform any CrossFit workout that requires maximum traction.
The outsoles are also slip-resistant.

The shoes provide a snug yet secure fit thanks to the lace-up entry.
Overall, you won’t find many CrossFit shoes that offer a perfect combination of performance, durability, and comfort.

Additionally, they are one of the most stylish CrossFit shoes, not to mention reasonably-priced.

10.   Adidas Men's Powerlift.3.1 Cross Trainer

Overall Rating: 4/5

And last but not least, our number 10 best CrossFit shoes is the Adidas Men’s Powerlift 3.1 Cross Trainer.

As the name suggests, these shoes are specifically made for everyday training as they are not only comfortable, but are also highly breathable, supportive, and have excellent stability.

The shoes are tough and flexible enough to withstand excess pressure from weightlifting and thanks to their narrow fit, these shoes offer more stability than your regular running shoes or casual sneakers.

They feature a synthetic upper with an air mesh collar and tongue for maximum durability, support, and comfort as well as a high-density die-cut midsole wedge for additional comfort, support, and lightweight stability.

The Adidas Powerlift 3.1 cross-trainer also comes with a durable Adiwear outsole that offers the ultimate traction needed for weightlifting.
In terms of design and style, you won't find many CrossFit shoes with such a unique look.

Overall, if you're looking for a CrossFit shoe with exceptional comfort and durable wear, the Adidas Men’s Powerlift 3.1 cross trainer is exactly what you're looking for.

What to Look For in the Best Crossfit Shoes?

Crossfit shoes make a difference in your Crossfit training.
That’s why you must focus on the right things when it comes to selecting the right pair.

Here are some of the things to look for when searching for the best Crossfit shoes;


As you probably already know, CrossFit is one of the most intense training programs that doesn’t just take a toll on the trainer's body, but on their shoes as well.

Crossfit moves like rope climbing can accelerate the wear and tear of shoes, especially if their quality is wanting.

The same goes for activities like heavy weightlifting, box jumping, running, and others high-intensity workouts.

That’s why you need a high-quality pair of shoes that are durable enough to withstand everyday abuse in the gym.

Hard Soles

Hard soles don’t just withstand normal wear and tear from hardcore workouts. They also help you stay firmly planted on the ground, giving you enough confidence that your feet will not shift while lifting weights.

Additionally, hard soles are perfectly capable of absorbing shock and impact so your feet won’t have to bear the brunt.

Make sure that the CrossFit shoes you’re about to get pass this test. Otherwise, it would just be a total waste of money if you ignored this very important aspect.

Low to Zero Heel to Toe Rise

One common thing you'll notice with most CrossFit shoes is their low heel-to-toe rise. In other words, the shoes look more or less flat.
Most shoes have a standard 4mm heel-to-toe rise.

However, there are shoes with zero heel-to-toe rise and these are often considered the best.

Why is this important?

You see, the main goal of CrossFit shoes is to keep you stable and evenly distribute your weight to the midsole when performing intense activities like weightlifting.

Shoes with a high heel-to-toe rise like running shoes propel you forward and this poses a great risk for you when lifting weights.

Wide Toe Box

The best CrossFit shoes should have a wide-toe box. This plays a very crucial role when lifting weights.

You see, when lifting weights, it's natural for your feet and toes to spread. Shoes with a wide toe box offer adequate space for your toes to spread and this is crucial because you get to achieve more stability.

Therefore, avoid shoes that do not have a wide toe box at all costs.


Most CrossFit activities call for great flexibility, and that’s why your shoes must also offer excellent flexibility.

For example, lifting weights, short runs, agility ladders, rope climbing, thrusters, sled pulls and other activities require highly flexible shoes for optimal performance.

The good news is that countless CrossFit shoes offer the ultimate flexibility to enhance your performance.

Best Crossfit Shoes- Bottom Line

I hope that you’ve found a perfect CrossFit shoe for you in our top 10 list of the best Crossfit shoes.

Our selection comprises only the best and most reputable brands in the market. So don’t worry about getting some cheap knock-offs because these are without a doubt the real deal.

Good luck and work your core for a healthier, fitter body.

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