15 Best Gym Shorts 2021

Whether you’re stretching, lifting weights, strength training, or practicing yoga, you need to have the best gym shorts.

The truth is, finding the perfect gym shorts isn’t always easy. It’s easy to assume that running shorts are as good for running as they are for gym workouts.

It doesn’t work that way.

The best gym shorts are designed in a way that lets you focus more on your workouts rather than how uncomfortable and ill-fitting the shorts you’re wearing are.

That’s why we’ve rounded up 15 of the best gym shorts that will ultimately make your workouts more comfortable while helping you achieve good performance.

Best Gym Shorts for 2020 (Our Top 15 Picks and Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide)

1.   Under Armour Men’s Raid 10-inch Workout Gym Shorts

Under Armour is reputable for its excellent quality and high-performance workout gear and its Men’s Raid workout gym is no exception.

These shorts are an excellent choice for gym-goers looking for a little bit of comfort, good fit, and of course, durability.

Constructed with HeatGear fabric, these shorts are super comfortable, exceptionally lightweight, not to mention supple to touch since the fabric is ultra-soft.

They also boast of a 4-way stretch construction so regardless of the workout, these shorts will remain comfortable and won’t constrict.

These Under Armour shorts also provide excellent UPF 30 protection for your skin, making them a great choice for outdoor workouts.

The material wicks sweat and dry up very fast so you’ll never have to worry about getting all soggy.

Impressively, they also feature an anti-odor technology that halts the growth of odor-causing microbes.

2.   Champion Men’s Jersey Short With Pockets

Champion is renowned for its incredibly innovative and comfortable sportswear, and their Men’s Jersey Shorts with Pockets is a clear depiction of that.

Made of 100% cotton jersey, these shorts are ultimately as comfortable as they look.

Their cotton jersey fabric construction gives these shorts some kind of stretchability so you can comfortably lift weights or squat without worrying about ending up with a bust seam.

The shorts also feature a flexible elastic waist with an adjustable internal drawstring that ensures a comfortable, secure fit.

The deep bar-tacked pockets on both sides are perfect storage space for holding your smartphone, wallet, keys, or any other small essentials when you’re on your way to the gym or while walking home from the gym.

 As it’s common, these shorts come in a wide range of sizes. They even have a size chart that lets you choose the perfect fit.

You also get to choose your desired color from their small color selection which includes Black, Oxford Grey, Navy, and Granite Heather.

3.   Amazon Essentials Men’s 2-Pack Loose-Fit Performance Shorts

The best gym shorts must observe two important aspects;

One, the ability to stretch and return to their normal size and two, the ability to absorb sweat and dry pretty quickly.

The Amazon Essentials Men’s 2-Pack Loose-Fit Performance Shorts provide the best of both and so much more.

Constructed with 100% polyester, these shorts are not only durable, but they also provide a comfortable stretch for easier workouts.

Speaking of stretching, some people claim that the elastic band is too stretched out. The manufacturer has clearly stated that these shorts are designed to offer a loose fit.

This may be a good thing as it provides more room for movement during a workout.

However, the waistband stretching out excessively may cause it to become too loose and uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, it does have an internal drawstring that further ensures a secure and comfortable fit.

Overall, these shorts are excellent in every way- good stretch, comfortable fit, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, breathable, and most importantly affordable.

4.   Under Armour Men’s Tech Graphic Shorts

If you want a pair of shorts that deliver a comfortable yet athletic feel, the Tech Graphic Shorts from Under Armour are a perfect choice.

Made from the ultra-light UA-Tech fabric, these shorts are comfortable, softer, and have a more natural feel.

Their signature moisture-wicking system helps absorb sweat from your body while delivering cool, dry comfort.

The shorts offer a comfortable yet secure fit thanks to the loose fit elastic waistband as well as an internal drawcord.

The built-in pockets provide convenient storage for storing your keys, phone, or wallet while heading to the gym or going home from the gym.

These shorts are durable, offer a great fit, quick-drying, and budget-friendly too.

They are available in a multitude of colors in various sizes too.

5.   Hanes Men’s Jersey Short with Pockets

The Hanes Men’s Jersey Shorts with Pockets are a perfect example of comfort, flexibility, and durability when it comes to gym shorts.

Made from a blend of pure cotton and jersey, these shorts stay comfortable all through your workouts while offering a good amount of stretch and range of motion.

The shorts are supple to touch and pretty much feel as soft as your favorite t-shirt.

Besides their excellent stretchability, these shorts have a flexible elastic waistband with an internal drawstring for a comfortable and secure fit.

The side pockets provide convenient storage for your phone or car keys.

Their construction is durable, plus they are pretty easy to maintain and are machine washable too.

They are available in a small variety of colors and are some of the cheapest gym shorts you’ll ever find in the market.

6.   EVER WORTH Men’s Solid Gym Workout Shorts Bodybuilding Running Fitted Training Jogging Short Pants

The EVER WORTH Men’s Solid Gym Workout Shorts are just the perfect shorts for the weekly gym goer.

These cotton and polyester blend shorts are not only soft, lightweight, comfortable, and breathable- they also offer an excellent range of motion which is important for weight and strength training.

They do not constrict regardless of the workout. They also stretch just enough so you can focus on your workouts rather than focusing on discomfort from ill-fitting shorts.

The waistband provides a secure yet secure and comfortable fit while the internal drawcord lets you find a comfortable fit easily.

The design is pretty functional. These shorts feature a 2-panel leg gusset which provides an excellent range of motion while its short length allows for more movement during weight training.

They also feature a small back pocket for keeping small items like wallets or keys as well as two zippered pockets for preventing your mp3 player or phone from falling out during workouts.

We also can’t forget to mention their excellent moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties.

If you’re looking for the best men’s gym shorts that offer excellent performance while retaining their shape and quality for an extended period, you can never go wrong with the EVER WORTH Men’s Gym Workout Shorts.

7.   BALEAF Men’s 7” Athletic Running Shorts

The BALEAF Men’s Athletic Running Shorts are a special kind of athletic shorts that offer the best combination of function and value.

Made of a polyester and spandex blend, these shorts don’t just offer a comfortable stretch- they are incredibly lightweight and breathable too.

Polyester is generally known to be lightweight so this is an added benefit as you would hate your workout clothes to weigh you down.

The polyester material is also renowned for its excellent moisture-wicking and quick-dry properties.

No matter how sweaty and messy your workouts are, these breathable shorts will keep you cool and dry all through.

Unlike most gym shorts, the BALEAF Men’s shorts feature a built-in mesh brief that provides a supportive and breathable fit during your workouts.

Store your small items like keys, gloves, or phone and not worry about them falling off during exercise thanks to the deep side pockets and a zippered back pocket.

The shorts are available in a wide selection of colors and sizes too.

8.   Neleus Men’s Lightweight Workout Running Athletic Shorts

The Neleus brand may not sound very familiar compared to the likes of Adidas and Under Armour but its unique design concept and excellent quality in workout gear have earned it a little respect in the industry.

Their Men’s workout athletic shorts are a clear depiction of their dedication to providing the most innovative yet affordable sporting goods.

These shorts are made from 100% polyester which explains their excellent performance and durability.

They are constructed with a polyester mesh fabric that increases ventilation so that you stay cool no matter how hot the workouts get.

The fabric also has excellent moisture-wicking and quick-drying properties. Moisture is released away from your body so you remain cool and dry throughout.

You’ll also be happy to know that these shorts are perfectly capable of expelling bad odor, thanks to the odor-resistant liner.

The shorts feature a side seam pocket for convenient storage as well as an elastic waistband with an adjustable drawstring for a secure fit.

Wear these shorts for practically any workout or sports. They stretch well and remain dry throughout.

Plus they are available in a wide range of vibrant, non-color fast colors.

9.   Jed North Men’s Fitted Shorts Bodybuilding Workout Gym Running Tight Lifting Shorts

Shorter gym shorts are often preferred for workouts such as squats and weightlifting. They don’t get stuck on your knees as longer shorts do.

If you don’t mind showing your legs and muscular thighs at the gym, then you’ll love the Jed North Men’s Fitted Shorts.

They not only look good, but they are also super comfortable and flexible. They are durable and feel great too.

They are made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. This gives them a good combination of durability and flexibility.

One of the most important aspects of the Jed North Men’s fitted shorts is the fact that they are contouring which ensures a perfect fit for your workouts.

The waistband together with the internal drawstring also helps to ensure a secure and comfortable fit during your workouts.

The deep pockets will keep your mp3 player, keys, or phone securely in place while exercising.

The shorts come in a variety of colors and sizes and are affordable too.

10.   Nike Men’s Dry Training Shorts

Nike is a household name in the sportswear industry. It’s a name that is renowned for its unmatched quality, performance, comfort, and durability.

Made of 100% polyester, the Nike Men’s Dry Training Shorts offer ultimate comfort while keeping you dry during those sweaty workouts.

The combination of the Nike dry fabric with Dri-Fit technology helps you stay dry and comfortable during your workouts.

The shorts feature mesh pockets for convenient and breathable storage as well as side inset mesh with further increased ventilation.

Although the shorts come in various sizes, you can easily adjust them to ensure a secure and comfortable fit thanks to the elastic waistband and an internal drawstring.

Although they are specifically designed for athletics, you can wear them as a casual outfit.

They come in a wide range of colors to match your preference and are affordable too.

11.   DevOps Men’s 2 Pack Cool Chain 10-inch Loose-Fit Workout Training Shorts

Sticking to a sportswear brand that you know when selecting a pair of gym pants is a great idea.

On the flip side, doing so can make you miss out on great “not-so-popular brands” like DevOps.

DEVOPS has over the years managed to establish itself as an innovative and reliable brand when it comes to sportswear design and technology.

Their sportswear quality is superior- perhaps even at the same level as the well-known brands in the industry.

Their Loose-Fit Workout Training Shorts are a true reflection of what they are capable of.

Made of a special blend of polyester and spandex, these shorts boast of superior performance, durability, not to mention flexibility.

Their construction with a 4-way stretch fabric helps prevent constriction no matter which direction you move in during your workout.

These shorts also have excellent moisture-wicking properties, are quick-drying, and highly breathable.

The shorts also provide superior UPF 50+ protection for fitness fanatics who prefer working out outside.

The two deep side pockets provide convenient storage for your mp3 player, phone, or even keys.

They come in a wide range of colors and sizes, plus you get two pairs of shorts at a very affordable price.

12.  Muscle Alive Men’s Bodybuilding Shorts 3″

The Muscle Alive Men’s Bodybuilding Shorts are the kind of gym shorts you go for when it comes to bodybuilding workouts.

They are just the right length- short and just right below your butt. Shorter shorts don’t just make bodybuilding easier- they also allow you to show off your quad muscles without even trying!

These shorts come in different designs. Some have pockets, some don’t. These particular shorts don’t have pockets.

One thing they have in common is an open fork design which is an excellent design for doing squats and lifting weights in the gym.

The shorts have a high elastic waistband which provides excellent support to those with large waistlines.

They are extremely comfortable, durable, breathable, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and of course, perfect gym shorts to improve your fitness level.

13.  Anthem Athletics Hyperflex Men’s 7″ Cross-Training Workout Gym Shorts

The Anthem Athletics Gym Shorts are some of the lightest gym shorts with great stretchability, not to mention a tough construction that will stand against normal wear and tear.

The shorts are handcrafted from a strong, soft, and stretchy fabric which ensures comfort and maximum flexibility during your workouts.

They are stylish too with high impact flatlock stitching and white zippered side pockets that provide convenient storage space for your phone, mp3 player, or keys.

The zippered side pockets are designed for cross-training and functional workouts.

The elastic waistband and external drawcord provide a secure fit and won’t become loose over time.

You’ll also love their breathability and moisture transport system which ensures you remain cool and dry throughout your workouts.

These shorts are affordable and you can choose your favorite color from their small selection.

14.   Tansozer Men’s Casual Shorts Elastic Waist Comfy Workout Shorts

The Tansozer Men’s Casual Shorts are the kind of shorts you wear everywhere. But most importantly, they are the kind of shorts you would want to wear for your workouts for so many reasons.

One, they stretch well.

Although 70 percent of their construction is cotton, they do have a little elastane which gives them just enough stretchability for squats, bodybuilding, and workouts that generally require some good flexibility.

They fit well, thanks to the elastic waistband and an external drawcord that ensure a secure yet comfortable fit.

The shorts also feature two front zipper pockets as all as a back pocket. The front zippered pockets are large enough to accommodate your phone and other small items like wallets and keys. They are quite deep and zipped so you won’t have to worry about your stuff falling on the ground.

Overall, they are quite comfortable, flexible, and versatile too. You can use them for jogging, as casual wear for home, beach shorts, as athletic shorts, and so much more.

15.   Souke Sports Men’s Workout Running Shorts

Short bodybuilding gym shorts are perfect in every way. However, they are not the kind of shorts you would wear in public.

The Souke Sports Men’s Workout Running Shorts are quite versatile. This means they are not just great for gym workouts- they are also excellent running shorts.

But that’s not all there is to these shorts.

They offer a comfortable yet secure and supportive fit, thanks to their elastic waistband.

Made from a special blend of polyester and spandex, these shorts offer excellent comfort, durability, and flexibility- something you need when performing squats, lifting weights, and other flexible workouts.

The fabric offers excellent breathability, not to mention moisture-wicking ability that helps keep your skin cool, dry, and comfortable.

They stretch well and offer a great range of motion, plus they won’t ride up or chafe.

If you’re looking for a durable and high-performance pair of gym shorts, the Souke Sports Men’s Workout Running Shorts are an ideal choice.

Best Gym Shorts- Bottom Line

The above list contains 15 of the best gym shorts on Amazon right now. They are some of the best-selling gym shorts with quite a good number of positive reviews from happy customers.

Their quality is superb and with good care and maintenance, these shorts will serve you for a very long time.

Go ahead and take your pick and work on enhancing your fitness level.

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