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Fitspace for Fitpros.
Linking independent fitness trainers to indoor fitness facilities.
No gym memberships or contracts required.
Physical -- Recreational -- Emotional -- Spiritual

GymLynx is an online marketplace where fitness trainers and instructors can browse, compare and rent space by the hour, from gyms and studios, for personal training or group classes.

GymLynx is not a gym, and do we not own any gyms or studios. All gym/studio listings on this site are independently owned and operated. Prices are determined by the gym/studio.

Trainers, Instructors, Coaches and Others
Reduce your cancellations due to rain, snow, cold, heat and darkness. Rent nearby indoor fitness space. Reducing cancellations increases your revenue!

Give your clients a variety of workouts. Find indoor space that offers different equipment.
GymLynx Fitpros fitness instructor group exercise groupex

Do you have clients far away or in multiple towns? Rent gym space closer to them.

Your relationship with your clients is your business. Rent space for your personal training or group classes without sharing your class fees. GymLynx and the gym take no additional fees after you rent the space. Use GymLynx once a week or once a month...at your convenience.

Your profile is private. No one can see it until you want to rent a space; and then only the requested gym can see it.

If you still need more convincing, click here.

No worries, you can rent indoor fitness space also, with less conditions. No general liability insurance required. However, you must NOT bring another person with you with the intention of teaching, training, instructing, coaching, guiding or in any way give advice to the other person.

Gyms, Studios, Healthclubs and Others
Rent your facilities by the hour to outside trainers and instructors. Increase your monthly revenue by renting your space during slow times...any times...without increasing your overhead. Let new trainers bring in new people to see your gym.

GymLynx enhances your business model; it doesn't change it.

Any building can provide fitness space! A hotel conference room can be used for quiet yoga or physical therapy. A fun trampoline facility can provide great cardio.

Gyms - rent your enclosed studio space.
Dance Studios - Your hardwoods are ideal for yoga and step workouts.
Pools - rent out individual lap lanes.
Tall buildings - List your clean and well-lit stair wells for a great step workout.
Schools - Rent your gymnasium basketball courts on weekends.
...and so many other opportunities!

GymLynx, Inc.
A Nevada corporation

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If you have any questions regarding, or problems with, the GymLynx marketplace, email us. Please include if you are a trainer/instructor or a gym/studio; and if you have already joined.

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