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If you own or manage a gym or studio, list your space here to increase revenue and foot traffic. Even recreational facilities like tennis courts, trampoline warehouses and ice skating rinks can list space.

Trainers...if you don't see a facility that interests you, contact a gym or studio you like and ask them to JOIN; or just click here. It's that easy!

For more information on our marketplace, go to How It Works.
For more information about GymLynx, go to About Us.

Different Devices

Feel free to access GymLynx on your PC, tablet or mobile phone; whatever is most convenient for you.

There is a slight difference in using GymLynx on a PC and mobile device. Functionally identical, but due to a mobile device's smaller screen size, on the upper right corner of each page, you will see a single button on a mobile device verse 3 or 4 buttons on a PC. The single button is actually a pulldown menu button. By touching it, the 3 or 4 main options will drop down and you have the ability to do everything.

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Getting Started

You do not need to join GymLynx to browse and compare fitness space listed on GymLynx. Feel free to look around (and click around) as much as you'd like.

Each facility listed on GymLynx shows the gym name, images of the space and information about the space. Click on any facility listing to see more details. When you are ready to rent space or list your space, you must first join.

Joining is totally FREE, whether you're looking to rent fitness space or wanting to rent out your space. No monthly fees either.

Create Account

When you're ready to join, click on either of the two "Join" links at the top of the homepage. One is located at the very top and the other in the large picture, or just click here.

You now have two options. You may create your account with your email or by using one of your existing social media accounts. Its your choice, we just want you to join!   :-)

Whichever option you chose to join, that is the way you need to log in, in the future.

After successfully joining, you will receive an email from us. This is to verify your email address (i.e., that its a real email, its your email, you have access to it and there no spelling mistakes) and to make sure our emails are successfully getting you (i.e., into your inbox and not your Spam/Junk folder). You need to verify your email prior to renting space or listing your facility. So, just click on the appropriate link in the email and you are now ready to go.

Once you verify your email address, you are fully registered on GymLynx. You are free to change your email, however, if you do change your email in the future, you will need to verify your new email.

After you join and each time you log in, you will see only 3 buttons at the top right. The button with you email address is your main button to access all your stuff. Note the upside-down triangle after your email. If you are using your own secure and private PC or mobile device, you do not need to log off each time. That is completely your choice. If you are on a shared computer, we do recommend you log off after each use.

One last thing. After joining, we would appreciate it if you would complete your profile. Click on "your email address button" at the top of any page and then "my profile". Or just click here. The "edit" button is at the bottom. Red asterisks denote required fields and don't forget to save. This is your information. It is not publicly available, can NOT be seen by other trainers, and can NOT be seen by gyms until you want to rent a space; then only the gym that owns the facility you would like to rent from will be able to see your information. Gyms may make decisions about accepting rentals based on your profile. We do not share your information with anyone outside of GymLynx. If you have additional questions, please read our Privacy Policy.

Note: Currently only allowing USA addresses.

Trainers, Instructors and Other Renters

If you are looking to rent fitness space for only yourself, you may not need general liability or professional liability insurance. If you are a trainer, instructor, or anyone leading a fitness class and/or giving advice to others, you probably do need general liability and professional liability insurance. Consult your business and legal advisor on what is right for you.

In your personal profile (see paragraph above), there are 2 image upload fields. One for your general liability insurance certificate and one for your professional liability insurance certificate. When you request a reservation to rent space, the gym or studio may review these certificates for compliance, prior to accepting your request.

Browse, Reserve and Rent a Facility

Is it raining or snowing outside? Is it 100 degrees with 100% humidity outside? Is your usual place too crowded or unavailable? Are you bored with the same routine and looking for new workouts for your clients? Well...let's find a warm, dry, interesting, indoor place for you to conduct your classes. Just to be clear, the price shown is for the space, not per person.

Browse through the summary listings and when you find one of interest, click on it. You will go to a details webpage with all the information and a place to request a reservation. If you don't like something in the details, no worries, go back and look some more. If you do like it, request a reservation. Select a day, start time, duration and click on "reserve now". A pop-up will then appear with the costs and a check box for you to confirm. At this point, it is only a reservation request. need to be logged in to get this far.

Requesting a reservation for a space does NOT guarantee you will get it. Many trainers, instructors, coaches and others are also looking to rent space. The gym has the ability to: (1) accept your reservation request; (2) decline it; and (3) just not do anything and let it expire. need to check your reservation status. You will also receive an email if/when the gym accepts your reservation.

If your reservation was accepted, the next step is to pay for it. Currently we only accept credit and debit cards. GymLynx uses a reputable and secure third party for all credit card transactions. GymLynx does NOT store your credit card information. We also use a secure network connection to transfer information between us and the credit card processor. Once paid, your reservation is confirmed. Enjoy your class!

You may cancel your paid reservation up to 24 hours in advance without penalty. Also, you have up to two days (48 hours) after your paid reservation start time to dispute a charge. See our Cancellation Policy for more information. Obviously, if you cancel your reservation, it is no longer confirmed or valid, and you may not try to use the reservation.

After paying, you will receive two emails. A payment receipt and a gym pass. Please bring the gym pass with you, along with a valid picture ID, when going to your rented space.

Feel free to "share" the gym or studio you just rented on let your clients know. You have the ability to add additional information, like the date and time of your class.

You may NOT bring more people than what is listed on the gym pass. The gym has full power to deny access if you abuse the guest limit. In addition, you must follow all rules posted in the gym or studio you use, and make sure you leave it in the condition you found it.

Gyms: It is recommended that you keep a copy of the printed email or ask the Trainer to forward you a copy of the confirmation email, to have proof of arrival. You may also download their insurance certificates directly from GymLynx.

Note: All prices in US Dollars.

List Your Space

Are you a gym or studio owner or manager? If yes, then after joining and verifying your email, if you are authorized to list and/or rent out facilities under your control (or management), then let's do it! need to be logged in.

Simply click on LIST YOUR SPACE at the top of any webpage. Or if you prefer multiple steps, click on "your email address button" at the top of any webpage and then "my facilities" or just click here. This is the "my facilites" summary webpage. You may have multiple spaces/facilities in a single gym or multiple locations. (e.g., 2 enclosed studio rooms, 2 or more tennis courts -- each should have its own listing)

You will see three buttons: (1) add new facility; (2) taxpayer information; and (3) direct deposit information. If you already created one or more facility listings, you will also see them below the three buttons. You may add and manage as many facility listings as you want, even if in a different physical location.

GymLynx is a marketplace where fitness trainers will rent space from you. We only act as a facilitator to the transaction. The trainers pay us directly, and within a week, we will pay you. So, we need to have certain information to pay you and to report to the government. You may create facility listings and trainers can rent from you without this information, but we will not pay you until we have all needed information. Don't worry, we encrypt all sensitive information for your safety. No one but you can see this information. See below for more information about data security. The bank information is used for deposits only. GymLynx will not and does not use the information for withdrawals of any kind.

Now, lets do it! Click on the "add new facility" button, or just click here. This is your information about your facility (fitness space). It will be displayed for everyone to see...whether or not they have an account. Make it compelling, but accurate. We do not validate or moderate your information, however, there are basic rules in our Terms of Use. Red asterisks denote required fields and don't forget to save.

Pricing: GymLynx is a marketplace. We connect buyers and sellers, and charge a fee for our service. Our fee is currently the greater of $2 or 20% of the total rental price, however this may change in the future. We act as your independent sales agent. We do not control your listing, set your price or sell your space, thus we do not add or collect sales tax. The price you enter is for the listed space per hour, not per person, and should already include any and all applicable sales tax (or other government taxes). We do add a service fee on top of your price. Provided the appropraie information is completed, we will forward all monies collected for your space (minus our service fee) within one week. You are responsible for reporting and paying all taxes relating to your facility rental and overall business.

After saving, you will return to the summary webpage. You will now see your facility here and only here. If you are ready for everyone to see it, click on the gold MAKE IT LIVE button to activate this listing. You may add as many facilities as you like; no limit and no monthly fees!

- By clicking the "summary" button below a facility, you will see a summary of information about that facility.
- By clicking on the gym logo or facility name, you will see the detailed listing that all end users will see.
- If you see a mistake, no worries, click on the "edit" button to easily correct.

Note: Currently only allowing USA addresses. All prices in US Dollars.

Manage your Listings

For each of your listing you have, you may view the entire listing how a trainer will see it, or just see a summary of info. To see the entire listing, click on your gym logo or facility name above the "summary" and "edit" buttons.

You will see a blue Facebook share button at the top. Feel free to "share" your gym or studio on let your friends and followers know.

You may edit your facility listing(s) at any time. To change any information with your listing, click on LIST YOUR SPACE at the top of any webpage. Or if you prefer multiple steps, click on "your email address button" at the top of any webpage and then select "my facilities" or just click here. Then click the "edit" button under the facility you would like to change.

GymLynx understands there may be staff turnover at a gym. Sharing accounts is not encouraged, so we have provided a flexible feature for one person to transfer control over a facility to another person.

To do this, click on "your email address button" at the top of any webpage and then "my facilities" or just click here. You will see a "transfer ownership" button below each facility. If you have multiple facilities, you will need to do this for each one.

A pop-up window will appear and you may enter the new person's GymLynx account email. The transfer will not be complete until they confirm (or accept) the transfer in their email. The new person will also need a verified account to accept the transfer. Until then, the facility and all related reservations will remain with your account.

Manage your Reservations

In order to rent your space, improve your space utilization and generate more revenue, you need to accept reservation requests made by trainers, instructors, coaches or anyone else. To do this, go to "your email address button" at the top of any webpage and then select "my reservations" or just click here. In addition, you will receive an email each time someone has requested a reservation.

You can see the status of all reservations for all your facilities on this webpage.

You have the ability to: (1) accept a reservation; (2) decline a reservation; or (3) just not do anything and let it expire. need to check your reservation status. To notify you, you will receive an email for each reservation. Currently, there is no way to turn off emails.

Getting Paid

GymLynx pays its Gyms weekly, and includes undisputed rental payments over two days old.

To see what is pending, go to "your email address button" at the top of any webpage and then select "my reports" or just click here.


Log in:

You have the option to log in using your email and password, or you may also use a variety of other means, including your Facebook, LinkedIn or Microsoft social media accounts. This makes it easier, less to remember and one-click.   :-)

Once you log in with a service, you must always log in with that same service. You cannot alternate.

Log off:

You do not need to log out, but if you do, its easy...just click on the "Log Off" link at the top of any webpage. If you are using a shared computer, we recommend it. You should not allow access to your account to anybody but yourself.

Deactivate your Account:

Once you join GymLynx, there is no delete or deactivate feature. Your account will be securely maintained for the life of GymLynx. However, if you abuse your account, GymLynx, in its sole discretion, has the option to deactivate your account.

Uploading Images and Pictures:

All images have a maximum file size limit of 5MB.

Mobile Devices:

Functionally identical, but due to the smaller screen size, there is a slight difference between using GymLynx on a PC and mobile device. See note at top of this page. refresh, press the GymLynx logo in the top left of any page.

Privacy and Data Security:

The safety of your sensitive information is important to us. GymLynx has implemented four policies to protect you.

  1. HTTPS - You always see "http" in front of web addresses. "https" is the secure "http". The transmission of information between you and the web server is encrypted. GymLynx uses https.
  2. Data encryption - The GymLynx server uses 128 or 256-bit encryption to encrypt your sensitive information before storing it in our database. That means 2 things: (i) even GymLynx employees cannot read your information; and (ii) even if a hacker broke into our server, they could not read your sensitive information. This includes passwords, bank account and tax ID's.
  3. GymLynx does NOT sell your sensitive information. If you want to know more about our Privacy Policy, click here.
  4. GymLynx does NOT store your credit card information. You enter that information directly into a Stripe secure credit card processing form. To learn more about Stripe, go to