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Use GymLynx to find warm dry indoor space.
Use GymLynx to provide a variety of workouts.
Use GymLynx to find space closer to your clients.
Use GymLynx to be in control of your own schedule.

It's quick and easy.
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Browse through listings.
Find the right fitness space for your group class or personal training session.

Request a rental reservation. (Learn more)
After approved, easily and securely pay with your credit card.
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Conduct your group class or personal training session.
No rev sharing; keep 100% of your clients' fees.

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Use GymLynx to increase your revenue.
Use GymLynx to rent your space by the hour.
Use GymLynx to expand your "drop-in" policy.
Use GymLynx to show more people your facilities.

It's quick and easy. No listing or monthly fees.

List your space.
You set the hourly rental price, GymLynx adds a 20% service fee on top, paid by the renter.

GymLynx yoga Approve reservation requests. (Learn more)
You have total control over who you rent to and when.

Turn empty/unused space into extra revenue.
We pay you weekly.

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