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Fitness Professionals

Your Location is LIMITING Your Fitness Business.

Your Clients Want to Workout at CONVENIENT Locations.

Rent Fitness Space CLOSER TO Your Clients.

EXPAND Your Territory.

100's of Spaces Throughout the USA.

Your Location is Limiting the TYPES OF SERVICES You Provide.

Keep Your Clients Interested, Motivated and ENGAGED...

...With a Wider Variety of Equipment, Facilities and Fitness Options.

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GroupEx, Weights, Yoga, CrossFit, Trampolines, Rock Climbing and More!

Be in Control of Your DAILY SCHEDULE.

Fire Your Boss!

Work WHEN You Want and WHERE You Want.

GROW Your Fitness Business.

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Acquire MORE Clients.

Reduce Client CANCELLATIONS ~ Reduce Client EXCUSES.

Increase Client SATISFACTION.

With GymLynx, You Can...

Offer MORE Services... at MORE Locations...

...and Earn MORE Money.

Take Advantage of a Large Network of Fitness Facilities...

...That Are CLOSER TO Your Clients' Homes.

GymLynx is FREE to JOIN.

      GymLynx is EASY to USE.

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- Browse Fitness Spaces.

- Make a Reservation Request.

- When Accepted, Safely and Securely Pay.

- Invite Your Clients and Conduct Your Fitness Class.

- No Long-Term Contracts.

- No Lop-Sided Rev-Share Agreements.

- Rent by the Hour.

- Pay a Fixed Hourly Rental Fee.

- Keep 100% of Your Clients' Fees!

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