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Private fitness facility with high quality, wall-to-wall, martial arts mats. Very conveniently located at the corner for Front and Gilman in Issaquah. Right off the freeway with easy access and good parking.

1000 sq.ft.

22 ft.



rental price
$10.00 / hr

onsite parking, shower, changing rooms

  • proper footwear required
  • no parties allowed
  • all guests must sign waiver
  • general liability insurance required
  • professional liability insurance required

6am-9am, M-F
11am-4pm, M-F
6pm-11pm, T/F
8pm-11pm, M/W/Th
2pm-11pm, Sa
All Day, Su

90 NW Gilman Blvd
Issaquah WA 98027

Insurance requirements can be negotiated, depending on your situation. Prefer barefoot training, but soft-soled shoes like martial arts shoes, ballet slippers, etc. are allowed.
  • Oom Yung Doe - Issaquah Issaquah
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