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~1000sq/ft with rowing erg, elliptical, treadmill, spin bike, slide board, agility ladder, cable cross, squat rack, bench press and free weights. Receptionist service help, and use of Mindbody online booking and payment software.

Treadmill, elliptical, spin bike, rowing erg, slide board, agility ladder on track surface, cable cross, bench press, squat rack, plyo boxes, free weights.

850 sq.ft.

11 ft.



rental price
$75.00 / hr

bathroom, changing room

contact for details

  • proper footwear required
  • no outside heavy equipment
  • no parties allowed
  • all guests must sign waiver
  • general liability insurance required
  • professional liability insurance required

6am-8pm Monday - Friday
6am-1pm Saturday

1820 Turnpike Street
Suite #200

North Andover MA 01845

The 6-8 spaces right in front of main entrance are 15 min parking only.

Receptionist services available, use of MindBody online booking and payment software available. Physical therapists on sight for any issues or client concerns.
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