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Controllable Air Conditioning/ Heating ; Camera/ Video System; Newer Equipment ; well lit and ventilated; store front parking.

Multi-Functional Dual Cable with Smith Bar Cage. Dumbbells up to 45 lbs. Rubber Weight plates up to 45 lbs. Trap Bar, Olympic Bar, Battle Rope, Stability balls, Bungee Bands, Resistance bands, Bosu and Bosu Elite, Trampolines, Slam Balls up to 4,6,8,10,12,14lbs; Weight Bars up to 36 lbs. Reebok Steps dual height and adjust to seats. Bench with leg extensions attachment. Two sets of all equipment, if one set is available for each trainer use and use of half the room. Sharable commercial cardio equipment which includes Treadmill, Water Propulsion Rowing machine, Two Spinning Cycles, and a Maxi Climber. Two sets of Suspension Trainers, Kick/Punch/MMA bag. Boxing gloves and punch mitts.

1049 sq.ft.

14 ft.



rental price
$27.30 / hr

Bathroom with mirror and clothing hangars

Water and towels usage free.

  • proper footwear required
  • no outside heavy equipment
  • no parties allowed
  • all guests must sign waiver
  • general liability insurance required
  • professional liability insurance required

7-noon 27.30 per hour; 1:30-6pm 27.30 per hour

7425 Hardeson Road
Suite C

Everett WA 98203

Busy during noon to 1 pm

Clientele must be over the age of 16. Equipment must be wiped each time and put back in proper area. Report if damages occur. Equipment or accessories are to be Replaced by Renter if damage occurs, misused, and/or is deemed unsafe to use or broken while training. Vacuum and Swiffer Floor training mats after use. No use of the office equipment. Trainer can use the secured wi-fi. CPR AND Certification required and copies must be present at the studio. Must apply to rent space. Drug Free Environment.
  • PRO FIT Rx Everett
  • PRO FIT Rx Everett
  • PRO FIT Rx Everett
  • PRO FIT Rx Everett
  • PRO FIT Rx Everett
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