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The SilverBack Club Private Personal Training studio is ready to accept trainers. Get in on the first of a planned 3 private training studios.

The studio is stocked with all you need to effectively train your clients in a private facility. The studio is intimate and very efficient. If your the type of trainer who think you need 3000 Sqft to get your clients a good workout, then my studio is not for you, but if you know how to maximize your space , like you have to at the big gyms like LA Fitness, & Chuze (they rope off an area for personal training) to provide a top notch experience and save yourself half of what you'd pay at other facilities / gyms, then you'll fit right in. I am interviewing trainers with hopes of finding ones who know how to give a kick ass┬░wkout in a very personal fitness studio. The studio accommodates 1-6 clients at a time. I'm only accepting 4 - 5 trainers per location. Something to think about, remember "Curves" for women, who used circuit training stations to give a full body workout, my studio is perfect for groups up to 6, and even better for those one -on - one clients. Come check it out, you'll be surprised how efficient muy studio is.

Olympic weights, Ivanko, squat rack with pulley system, benches, battle ropes, weights, kettle bells, Tractor tire, sand bag, medicine balls, bands, stepper sets, free weights, a functional machine, a power tower, stepper, 2 stationary bikes, universal balls, heavy bag, boxing gloves, and much, much more, you won't need for anything at my studio

400 sq.ft.

7 ft.



rental price
$25.00 / hr

Music, sparkletts water, rest room, storage cubbies, plenty of parking, sorry no showers .

Monthly cost is $300.00 a month or $20 per hour with a month to month agreement.

  • proper footwear required
  • low intensity/low noise
  • no outside heavy equipment
  • no parties allowed
  • all guests must sign waiver
  • general liability insurance required
  • professional liability insurance required

24/7 you will have your own key, and most of the time you would likely be 1 of 2 trainers in the studio at any given time.

8280 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
Suite 111A

San Diego CA 92123

Look for "Industrial Park Driveway "(it's at a stop light) lots of parking.

SilverBack Club (Unlinkable URL)

You are required to get PT insurance for the studio address, the cost is minimal, around $14 or less per month. You will sign an agreement for 24/7 usage month to month with a 30 day notice if you choose to discontinue use of the studio. A debit card or credit card required for the hourly trainers payments weekly and monthly trainer's payments on the first of each month.
  • The SilverBack Club Private Personal Training San Diego
  • The SilverBack Club Private Personal Training San Diego
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