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2300 Sqft training facility. Rubber flooring, air/heat, private bathroom, and large floor area. You can play your music through our Bluetooth speakers.

Weights, kettlebells, battle ropes, TRX, Tires, are some of the equipment you can use.

Start training your client (s) indoor and start

Trx, Bosu ball, medicine Balls, Dumbbells, Barbell with bumper plates, squat rack, pull up bar, battle rope, Tire and Hammer and others.

2300 sq.ft.

11 ft.



rental price
$20.00 / hr

Private bathroom

  • women only
  • proper footwear required
  • no outside heavy equipment
  • all guests must sign waiver
  • general liability insurance required

4am - 5am, 7am - 5pm, 7pm - 9pm Weekdays
Saturday: 4am - 8am Or 9am - 2pm

2355 E Valley Parkway
Suite D

Escondido CA 92027

Look for Vons shopping center and beside Payless Shoe store

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