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For Sale By Owner

Fitness studio for sale or lease.

Huge open space fitness studio with street frontage in shopping center plaza. Rubber flooring throughout, free weights, HIIT equipment, battleropes, TRX, resistance bands, plyo boxes, slam balls, med balls, yoga balls, yogo mats, dumbbells, barbells, free weights, kettlebells, Turf, sleds, tires, air bike, rower, treadmill, obstacle course rig, multi-station cable machine for strength training, two restrooms.

Obstacle course rig, squat rack, bench press, climbing rope, Turf, sleds, Free weights, dumbbells, barbells, TRX, resistance bands, yoga balls, yoga mats, bosu, treadmill, air bike, rower, HIIT equipment, Plyo boxes, battle ropes, tire, kettlebells, med balls, slam balls, jump ropes.

2400 sq.ft.

15 ft.



rental price
$25.00 / hr

Lockers, two restrooms, audio system, microphone, lobby

  • no outside heavy equipment
  • no parties allowed

Negotiable. Contact for available hours.

This business is also for sale. Interested parties only.

1750 Huntington Drive
Suite A

Duarte CA 91010

  • Apollo Gym Duarte
  • Apollo Gym Duarte
  • Apollo Gym Duarte
  • Apollo Gym Duarte
  • Apollo Gym Duarte
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