Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells Review

Bayou Fitness has the reputation of offering some of the best fitness products, including high-quality gym gear. However, their most popular fitness products are the 25lbs and 50lbs dumbbells.

The two might be in different weight categories, but they come with similar characteristics, making them a must-have for fitness enthusiasts.

You can buy the dumbbells either as a unit or a pair, depending on your personal needs.

The company boasts of some of the best prices compared to similar products from other brands. If you are looking for high-quality dumbbells on the cheap side, try the ones from this company.

In this Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells Review, we discuss this impressive range of fitness equipment in greater detail. Read on to learn more about this brand of adjustable dumbbells.

Build Quality

The Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells feature a durable steel material with a glittering chrome finish.

Besides, the weight plates are corrosion-resistant and unbreakable, making them withstand the constant pounding from rigorous workouts.

Even though they hold tightly into place, the weights plates might cause a slight clinking sound as you work out.

That shouldn’t be of great concern, given that they are unlikely to crack regardless of the pressure.

Furthermore, the dumbbell has a steel axle with a rough surface to provide you with a firm grip during your workouts.

While at it, the handle offers a wide range of motion for all the exercises you wish to do. The dumbbell has the first set of weight disks connected directly to the axle to provide the minimum 10-pound weight.

You can only remove these weight plates by unfastening the screws holding them onto the axle. However, you can remove the other eight weight plates whenever you wish to reduce the weight.

Another great thing about the dumbbells is the polyurethane coating on the non-adjustable discs. It also has a sturdy polyurethane cap at each end of the dumbbells.

The caps are strictly for aesthetic purposes and aren’t part of the mechanism restraining the weight discs.

Moreover, the discs measure 15.75 inches (length) and 8 inches (diameter), making them a little bulkier than similar equipment.

That means that shorter users may find the dumbbells challenging when doing curls and similar exercises. If you fall in that category, you should use this piece of equipment for other activities that don’t strain you.

Adjustment System

All the parts that make the Bayou Fitness solid locking system are steel-made and highly durable.

For that reason, the metallic weight plates have no choice but to stay in place during those rigorous workout sessions.

As part of the locking system, there is a metallic tube that connects to the adjustment pin. The metallic tube also coils over the axle’s metal base, holding the metal plates firmly into place.

You can adjust the dumbbell weight by moving the selection pin laterally and locking it behind the desired weight plate.

It is necessary to do that on both sides of the dumbbell to have a piece of equipment that serves the intended purpose. The 25-pound dumbbell has 5-pound weight plates.

You can adjust it in 5-pound increments, giving you 5lbs, 10lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs, and 25lbs. That means you have up to five different setting points.

When it comes to the Bayou Fitness 50lbs Dumbbells, you have a total of eight adjustable weight plates, each measuring 5 pounds.

Add to that the permanent 10-pound plates, and you have a maximum weight of 50 pounds. Thus, you can adjust the weight on this dumbbell in 10-pound increments and get 10lbs, 20lbs, 30lbs, 40lbs, and 50lbs.

That means changing a 5-pound weight on each side of the dumbbell to create the perfect balance. If you adjust only one weight on one side, you have to change your grip to handle the dumbbell.

Whatever you decide, each weight plate has a locking pin that holds it into place.

Dumbbell Handle Length

Why would you care to know about a dumbbell handle length? The handle length determines whether or not the handling of the dumbbell is comfortable enough.

An adjustable dumbbell should feel as close to the fixed weight dumbbell when held in an ideal situation. That means the handle should be long enough to support easy workouts bereft of clashes when overhead pressing.

When it comes to the Bayou Fitness dumbbells, the handles are a little too long. That’s because of an adjustment system that runs entirely along with the handle.

Consequently, you have the same handle length regardless of whether you are training at the lower or higher weights.

It doesn’t work so well compared to dumbbells with handle lengths that only increase with increasing weight. In dumbbells with contracting handles, users can enjoy their compact size always.


The Bayou Fitness dumbbells come with heavy-duty polyurethane trays that provide good support, enabling easy weight plate adjustment.

The trays have handles on each side, making them easier to carry together with the dumbbells. In storage, the trays elevate the dumbbells one inch above the floor level.

That means you can store the dumbbells virtually anywhere, including under your bed (so long as it has a 9-inch clearance). With the trays, keeping the dumbbells is extremely easy.

Range of Exercises

We have already talked about how the Bayou dumbbells appear to have long handles. However, that doesn’t limit the dumbbells on the range of exercises one can do using them.

Whether you are a beginner who wants to increase strength or tone up muscles, the dumbbells can make a huge difference. Professionals will also find the dumbbells handy in enabling good full-body workouts.

In short, the dumbbells will work for you no matter your level of experience or choice of exercise. 

Here is the complete list of activities you can use this dumbbell to do:

  • Weighted crunches
  • Flat bench presses
  • Concentration curls
  • Bicep curls
  • Dumbbell rows
  • Incline dumbbell flies
  • Push presses
  • Overhead tricep extensions
  • Alternated shoulder presses
  • Lunges
  • Dumbbell squats
  • Stiff-legged deadlift
  • One-legged toe raise
  • Elevated single-led squat
  • Dumbbell swing through

Customer Reviews

Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells have more than 500 reviews on Amazon, with 70 percent of them five-star.

In the same way, 18 percent of the reviewers gave the dumbbells four stars. That means that more than 88 percent of past users have presented this particular product with a positive rating.

When you factor in the nine percent of reviewers who left a three-star rating or less, the dumbbells have an impressive 4.5 stars out of a possible five, which makes it a great product by any standards.

We sampled some of the positive reviews, and one of the main themes is safety. Most of the reviewers said that the dumbbells are safe to use when working out at home, regardless of the activity.

The locking system works pretty well, making users worry less about the weight plates coming loose mid-workouts. Those who used the 25-pound dumbbells found them great for smaller individuals.

They also noticed the large handle, which makes the dumbbell entirely unusable for some people.

Some users also had an issue with the 10-pound increments for the 50-pound dumbbells, preferring more minor adjustments to attain workout milestones.

For them, the 25-pound dumbbells seem like a good option, even though they aren’t challenging for advanced users.

Another issue reported in the online reviews is the high price tag attached to these dumbbells. Some users couldn’t understand the reason for such a high price.


  • Supports a variety of exercises
  • Minimizes on gym space
  • Great for beginners
  • Feature a sturdy build quality
  • It has a shiny chrome-plated finish
  • The weight plates are steel-made
  • It has a non-slip handle
  • Provides for a wide range of motion
  • The package includes storage trays


  • It has a slightly longer handle
  • Advanced users may find the weight range inadequate

Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells Review-Bottom Line

The Bayou Adjustable Dumbbells are sturdy, versatile, and durable. You can choose between the 25-pound and 50-pound dumbbells depending on your training needs.

The 25-pound dumbbells are adjustable in 5-pound increments giving you 5lbs, 10lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs, and 25lbs weight categories.

On the other hand, the 50-pound dumbbells are adjustable in 10-pound increments giving you 10lbs, 20lbs, 30lbs, 40lbs, and 50lbs weight categories.

With the included storage tray, it is convenient to keep the dumbbells virtually anywhere within your home. They are versatile enough to provide the full range of exercises doable using dumbbells.

If you are looking for a good pair of adjustable dumbbells, it is advisable to settle on one of the models discussed in this review.

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