CrossFit workouts like regular workouts can put some stress on the feet due to the manipulation and added weight on the lower body.

The structure of a normal foot shows a little upward depression on the sole. For a person who has high arches, depression is more.

The space between the foot and the ground is more due to the elevation of the heel. Some people are born with high arches, while others develop it as a complication of a disease condition.

High arches may be managed with the use of orthotic devices. Orthotic devices can be placed in shoes to increase stability. They also serve as a cushioning system to the foot.

Another way to manage this condition is a modification of shoe type. A suitable shoe type is a high-topped shoe. The bottom of these shoes is wider to provide support and stability.

You can also apply braces to high arched feet. Bracing offers stability to the feet and ankle.

Getting the ideal shoe to accommodate the uniqueness of your foot may be a challenge. Notwithstanding, this article aims to present the best CrossFit shoes for you.

A high arch is not a limitation to indulging in sports and CrossFit training. With the right pair of sneakers, you will fit in just right and deliver outstanding performance.

Reebok Women’s CrossFit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Cross Trainer

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Reebok is a brand that always puts their customer first. Nano Flexweave sneakers use Flexweave technology. The materials allow flexibility of the toes, which promotes stability.

This technology increases breathability and support for feet with high arches. Reebok Nano 8.0 sneakers is a classy shoe that comes in different colors. You may use it for running, casual wear, and CrossFit training.

The shoe comes with a toe section for comfort during intense workouts. Most importantly, the heel bootie construction and cushioned sole make it the perfect option for those with high arches.

Nano 8.0 technology targets CrossFit athletes, but it meets the requirements for high arches.

Reebok Women HIIT Training Shoes Cross Trainers

Overall Rating: 5/5

This Reebook model offers the stability you need. Reebok Women HIIT is carefully constructed for HIIT workouts. For whatever purpose you need a shoe, you can always rely on Reebok to sort this out.

This shoe comes with a mixed grip pattern that allows you to stay grounded.

HIIT train9ng shoes have bold prints that allow you to stand out in a crowd. Women’s HIIT is lightweight, yet it bears the intensity of any heavy workout. It provides comfort to the feet.

A person with high arches will enjoy this shoe because it improves their agility. It gives your feet a supportive and comfortable feeling.

ASICS Women Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoes

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

ASICS running shoes are made from synthetic and mesh fabrics. The outsole provides a firm grip for any terrain. It is important to note that in rugged terrain, you can still trust this shoe for comfort and protection.

The footbed is cushioned for comfort. One key feature to note is that the footbed is removable so that you can place your medical device like orthotics.

Gel-Venture 6 comes with the rearfoot Gel cushioning that absorbs shock as you move.

ASICS running shoes ensure that every stride you take is cushioned. These running shoes promote agility. They are good for high arches because they offer the space and support that this foot type demands.

Nike Men’s Revolution 5 Running Shoes

Overall Rating: 4/5

Nike is a brand that every athlete appreciates over time. As the name suggests, its perks are revolutionary.

These running shoes are lined with soft foam that promises comfort with each step you make, either walking or running.

The design ensures you can wear it any day. Nike Revolution comes from materials that are lightweight and durable.

Revolution 5 wraps around the foot smoothly, with its plush lining and soft sock liner. Nike running shoes offer comfort and cushioning to high arched feet.

Reebok Women’s Nano 9 Cross Trainer Shoes

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Reebok created the Nano series to accommodate the needs of CrossFit athletes. Nano 9 is an upgrade from Nano 8. This shoe is lightweight, which means you do not feel heaviness on your feet.

Reebok uses only durable materials that can withstand wear and tear. The flex weave technology is applied to this model. The feet can flex without injury. The foot support you can get from Nano 9 is unbeatable.

It comes with a soft and new rubber midsole protection. The design allows enough room for forefoot flexibility. Nano 9 is suitable for running, heavy lifting, intense workouts, and cardio.

These Cross Trainers have a low-cut design that permits efficient ankle mobility. Reebok Women’s Nano 9 offers added comfort. You are sure of all-around protection to your foot, especially ones with high arches.

You do not want to miss the opportunity to make your workouts memorable, comfortable, and fun.

Merrell Men’s Trail Glove 5 Sneakers

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Merrell Trail sneakers is another brand that caters to individuals with high arches. The rearfoot offers support to the heel. The forefoot allows appropriate space for the feet to breathe and flex.

Mesh material is used in the construction of the upper part: this promotes the feet' cooling. The M-select fresh feature minimizes bad odor in the shoe, especially after wearing it for long hours.

This feature applies antimicrobial agents, which are very good for individuals with high arches to protect them from infection. The conventional lace-up feature allows you to manipulate the fitting as you desire.

The hyper lock TPU film heel counter secures your feet by locking them in. Merrel’s Glove 5 sneakers are resistant to wear and tear. The rubber sole has anti-slip property, that allows you to take each stride with confidence and stability.

What shoe type is best for a person with a high arch?

Any person with a high arch has to consider some factors before purchasing footwear. The first is the cushioning effect of the proposed footwear.

Due to the shape of the foot, footwear must offer maximum cushion. The shoes must provide support for the unevenly distributed weight. An insole that gives arch support is preferable for this type of foot. 

What running shoe has the highest arches?

Finding the right shoe is always a problem in everyday dressing, gym, and CrossFit workouts. For individuals with high arches, they are in a tight spot when choosing a shoe.

Most shoe sellers do not understand their needs. All the shoes mentioned in this article fit this category. They all support high arches and offer the cushion your foot needs. Brands like Reebok, Puma, and Nike are among the commonly seen shoes.

What problems do high arches cause?

High arches put too much stress on the heel of the foot. This may result in further problems. High arches may cause pain due to extra pressure on the bones of the midfoot.

Instead of the weight being evenly distributed, it centers on the ball of the foot. It may also cause stiffness of the arch of the foot. A high arch may lead to inflexibility of the arch.

Furthermore, tight lower calf muscles are also a complication. This condition may lead to severe supination, which ultimately leads to frequent ankle sprains.

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