Crossrope Review – Is It Worth It?


Looking to upgrade from your traditional jump rope to something with an added challenge as well as a benefit? For those looking to improve their rhythm and footwork, you might want to check out the Crossrope.

What exactly is a Crossrope, you might ask? It is your typical jump rope with some innovative design and features to push the benefits that you can gain from this classic exercise tool to a whole new level.

Also known as weighted ropes, Crossropes incorporate quick-change handles, different ropes that offer varying weights, and even an app that will help you develop and tweak your training regimen for optimum results.

Let us take a look at what the Crossrope brings to the table and if it is truly the next step in the evolution of the timeless jump rope.

Crossrope Specifications

Crossrope has several distinct differences from your typical jump rope. Here are key features that separate this from the pack:

  • Highly ergonomic design that aims to provide optimum comfort.
  • Handles incorporate a premium-grade ball bearing housing.
  • Ropes are designed for tangle-free use.
  • Ropes feature braided steel with a proprietary finish.
  • Available in different rope lengths.
  • A signature fast-clip system that allows users to quickly change ropes during their workout routine.
  • Comes with iOS and Android compatible smartphone applications.
  • The Crossrope Unique Feature

    First off, there are two Crossrope sets to choose from – the Get Lean and the Get Strong set. The benefits provided by each set are self-explanatory as it is in their name.

    The Get Lean set comes with two ropes that offer different weights: a ¼ lbs. and a ½ lbs. rope. This set also features a more robust and larger handle known as “Power Handles”.

    One of the key features of Crossrope is its convenient design. This is proven by the quick-attach handle design which allows users to change between their different weighted ropes in a jiffy.

    The Crossrope App

    The main feature that helps separate Crossrope from the competition is its unique Crossrope app which can be utilized to optimize your workout routine.

    You can choose between beginner and advanced and then you will be taken to sub-categories that allow you to tweak the workout to your preference.

    For example, do you plan to focus on endurance or strength? You are also given the option to take on the HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training which is, as the name implies, a high-intensity workout designed to push your body to the limits.

    The Crossrope app also adds more workouts regularly so you can develop a highly unique and versatile workout program to suit your needs.

    The Crossrope app is also incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Once you have chosen your skill level (Beginner or Advanced) and which physical attribute to focus on (strength or stamina), you will then be taken to a new page that instructs you as to which jump rope length and weight to use, a visual guide on how to carry out each exercise, as well as the duration of each set and how much rest you have until the next one.

    Also, don’t expect all the exercises in the app to exclusively rely on the use of the Crossrope as there are a variety of workouts in there such as planking that you will encounter.

    Think of the Crossrope app as an all-in-one workout program that is built around the use of Crossrope.

    Don’t fret if the Crossrope app appears to be a bit overwhelming with all the options that are placed on the proverbial table.

    The app also offers an option called the “14 Day Beginner Challenge” which should help you catch up and familiarize yourself with the whole workout program.

    How Effective is the Crossrope?

    Besides the mobile app that Crossrope has, it also has some distinct design features that help elevate the positive results that it can deliver. The main design feature is its use of weighted ropes.

    The simplicity of utilizing weighted ropes in a jump rope significantly improves the overall benefits that one can achieve with this type of exercise. Even the lightest weighted rope will deliver a considerable change to your experience.

    During our initial test of the Crossrope, the heft of the weighted rope took us back for a bit. This simple change to the design completely shifted the entirety of the jump rope experience.

    Besides, the ergonomically designed handles with ball bearing movement make swinging the weighted rope smooth as butter.

    Using the lighter weighted rope will put the focus on your shoulders and calves while also boosting your cardio by a considerable margin compared to standard jumping rope.

    As for the heavier weighted rope, it provides a great workout for your arms as well as back muscles, specifically the lats and traps.

    There are different Crossrope exercises you can implement to deliver a full-body workout that will push you to the limits.

    Overall, the effectiveness of the Crossrope as an exercise is undeniable. It is pretty much what it looks like, an upgraded type of jump rope that adds a whole new layer to the classic workout routine.

    The longevity of the Crossrope

    In terms of longevity, we believe the Crossrope will be able to last for a decent amount of time. The ergonomic handles are well-made and have decent heft to them.

    The weighted ropes also feel quite durable with their braided stainless-steel construction which is covered in a layer of abrasion-resistant material.

    After about 3 months of use, we barely noticed any visible wear and tear except for some very light scratches on the weighted rope’s coat which is expected.

    We also notice how the weighted rope remains tangle-free even after months of use. Whether you loop it or coil it, the weighted rope will maintain its flexibility.


    As we have stated earlier, there are two Crossrope package variants available to choose from: The Get Lean package and the Get Strong version.

    The Get Lean variation currently sells at $99 while the other version is more expensive at $139. While that sounds quite steep for a jump rope, you have to remember that this is not just your typical jumping rope.

    Besides the workout app, Crossrope features premium-grade construction and materials. You should also consider investing in this all-around workout tool if you have a gym subscription.

    The one-time payout for a Crossrope set is compared to a monthly subscription at the gym.

    What Gives Crossrope the Workout Edge?

    To go into further details as to what makes the Crossrope a highly recommended exercise equipment, we have enumerated the main features that are unique to the Crossrope.

    Well-Designed Weighted Rope

    The majority of the weight will be on the rope itself. The handles are fairly light even with its ball-bearing design. You needn’t worry about the handle as it is also well-balanced.

    Most of your focus will be placed on the weighted rope. Swinging it around will give you an excellent upper body exercise.

    High-Quality Rope Construction

    The ropes are made from durable cable and are coated with an abrasion-resistant PVC cover. The construction of the cables also prevents them from tangling.

    Once you uncoil the Crossrope, it will quickly return to its smooth arc. This makes swinging it around fairly easy as you won’t be worrying about any tangles. You can focus your attention completely on skipping and rotating the Crossrope.

    Smooth and Ergonomic Handles with Ball-Bearing

    The handles also incorporate a special design to enhance the Crossropes performance – the ball bearing design. The ball bearings connect to the weighted rope and allow for smooth rotation.

    This alleviates the strain on your wrist by reducing the amount of torque to near zero. Swinging that weighted rope around can be quite strenuous to your wrist, arms, and shoulders – the addition of a ball-bearing design circumvents that issue.

    What are the Benefits of Using Crossrope or Weighted Jump Rope?

    Jump rope is common equipment that you can find in the gym. This has become more than a children’s toy and is now a staple in a workout routine.

    Boxers can attest to the benefits that jump rope exercises can provide to their stamina and footwork. So, if the benefits that you can gain in a standard jump rope are manifold, how about a weighted one?

    The weighted jump rope is relatively new to the public, but it has been around for some time now.

    The Crossrope brings the exceptional benefits of weighted jump rope to a wider audience and with a few tweaks that further sharpen the edges of this fantastic exercise equipment.

    One of the primary benefits of jumping rope exercises is one’s conditioning. The overall stamina will greatly improve with the use of a simple jump rope, what more with a weighted one?

    When it comes to conditioning exercises, boxers always go to jump rope workout routines to build up their cardio. With a weighted rope exercise, there are additional benefits that you can gain from this simple, yet challenging workout:

  • Weighted jump rope enhances your focus and concentration.
  •  It sharpens your body’s reflexes.
  • It enhances and strengthens your legs, back, and arm muscles.
  • Weighted jump rope improves one’s stability and balance.
  • It can significantly increase footwork/speed.
  • Starting even at the lightest weighted rope (1/4 lbs.) can be a bit jarring for beginners. Take your time and get used to the heft. Once the challenge is gone, go up to 1 lb. weighted rope.

    Fortunately, the Crossrope app can prevent boredom (which is one of the main reasons why some stop working out).

    With the Crossrope app, you will get regular updates of interesting exercise routines that will surely deliver that added challenge to keep things exciting.

    Crossrope – The Lowdown

    When it comes to the overall quality and build of the Crossrope, it is certainly one of, if not, the premium options in the market.

    The durable build and high-quality design make it the most reliable weighted jump rope that you can get your hands on today.

    Also, the Crossrope app provides a wide variety of exercise programs designed to accommodate beginners and experts.

    All the Beginner level exercises are quite simple and push you just enough without being over strenuous. The exercise programs available offer users the opportunity to build up their cardio, coordination, and strength.

    The exercise programs are also designed to be flexible with a wide assortment of workout routines of various durations and intensity. If you are a relatively busy bee, you can find exercise programs that maximize the benefits within 10 to 15 minutes.

    This leaves no excuse to whip out the Crossrope at any point in the day as there are short and quick exercise programs available in the app.

    As we have noted earlier, we highly recommend the Get Lean version for beginners. You can upgrade to the Get Strong package which comes with heavier handles and weighted ropes.

    Staying true to its moniker, the Get Strong set is designed to add some more challenge to your weighted rope exercise and improve your strength and power.

    Crossrope Pros:

  • This is a premium-grade weighted jump rope that comes with extra features (Crossrope app) and impressive construction.
  • The Crossrope app is user-friendly and is easy to navigate and use.
  • It features a diverse selection of exercise programs that will cater to all types of users from beginners to experienced individuals.
  • Crossrope Cons:

  • The Crossrope app was recently updated to be a paid subscription. While it still has a slew of free exercise programs available, suddenly hiding the entirety of the (once free) feature behind a paywall is a bit shady.
  • Conclusion

    All in all, we highly recommend the Crossrope if you are looking for a weighted jump rope.

    Sure, there are far cheaper alternatives out there, but the level of quality that the Crossrope delivers is barred none the highest in the market, at the moment.

    With its high-quality material and premium-grade build and design – the Crossrope currently sits atop as the best-weighted rope set of 2020. 

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