Nike is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in sports. They are known for producing quality footwear and fitness equipment that enhance sporting activities.

Nike products are recognizable with the prominent swoosh symbol. You can find this symbol on every product that comes from Nike. At one point or the other, footballers and athletes have used Nike sneakers in their moment of glory.

Nike aims to provide sneakers that are quality, comfortable and fashionable. They do not relent in their effort to satisfy their customers.

They research to determine better ways to approach their footwear production for the maximum benefit of athletes and the public. There are many feedbacks on Nike sneakers, most of which are positive.

Today we shall focus on a new creation from Nike, the Air Monarch IV Cross-trainers. Nike created this model with the older male generation in mind.

They wanted to make something comfortable and trendy to appeal to them. Join us on this exciting journey to explore everything about Nike Men’s Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer.

This Air Monarch is a Nike brand that was first manufactured in 2018. It uses the latest fashion to bring class and comfort to the customers. It is suitable for moderate workouts, jumping, and intense workouts.

It is designed to allow your feet to breathe. It is good for the road because it has a firm balance that secures your foundation.

Important Features

  • The upper part consists of leather, which increases the durability and support it provides
  • The midsole is made with phylon material.
  • The outsole is designed with flex grooves to enhance flexibility.
  • The midsole has full-length Nike air, which increases comfort.
  • The upper part of the shoe is perforated to allow airflow.
  • Other Features

    Upper Material

    The material used for the upper part of the Air Monarch IV is leather. The problem with the leather is that it reduces the shoe's airflow. When compared to other materials, leather is the least suitable choice.

    Notwithstanding, the leather has perforations whose aim is to promote airflow. The lace keeps the padded tongue in place. This Nike model has a cloth material lining the inside. This makes it more comfortable for everyday use. This model uses the traditional lacing system.

    The Midsole

    Nike Air Monarch IV has a midsole made with phylon material. This material is made from EVA foam pellets that undergo compression and expansion.

    The midsole provides comfort with every step you take. Nike’s Air sole technology is also integrated into Air Monarch IV's midsole. This technology makes the shoe lightweight and provides cushioning with every stride.

    One fundamental problem that has been a feature of the air monarch model is the squeaky sound it makes. Wearers have often complained that it makes an annoying sound after a few days of wearing this shoe.

    This sound alerts people in the environment to their presence. Unfortunately, monarch IV, an upgrade from the regular monarch, inherited the same problem.

    Spraying the inside of the shoe with talcum powder helps minimize the noise. The problem is that not many people are willing to adopt this practice. Some find it bizarre, while others do not have access to talcum powder.

    The Outsole

    The outsole of the Monarch IV is solid rubber. The rubber provides traction. It allows you to either have a firm hold on the ground during sports or wear it as casual footwear.

    Over the years, the durability of the outsole has been criticized. Wearers have complained that after a few months of using the air monarch IV, the outsole begins to peel.

    The outsole is the shoe's strength as it offers ground support and stability. Once the outsole starts to wear and tear, using it for CrossFit training becomes impossible.


    The upper material is perforated leather. Leather material is not classified as breathable material. The perforation on the leather is to allows the flow of air.

    Despite the perforations, there is limited movement of air. This model is not suitable in a hot environment. In a hot climate, your feet may not breathe at all. When used for intense activities, the feet generate heat, which is poorly conveyed out of the shoe.


    The Air Monarch IV is a model that focuses on protection. The outsole extends to the toe box region to give extra protection to your toes and increases the toes' flexibility while in the shoe.

    The solid rubber outsole adds to the protection it provides on tiled floors or while working on the pavement.


    This shoe model is a sturdy monarch. It is the ideal choice for those who need more support. Those who need arch support may want to stick to Nike Air Monarch IV.

    This shoe is the perfect replacement for orthotics. Many customers stated that they didn’t need to use their orthotics after getting the air monarch iv. You can also decide to add orthotics inside the shoe if you wish.


    Nike Air Monarch IV is specially designed for use in a gym. They are ideal for the polished surface in the gym and the rough pavement for casual wear. This shoe is not suitable for jogging or running. They are gym shoes. 


    The outsoles are fitted with flex grooves. The Air Monarch IV feels very flexible on the feet. The flex grooves aim to enhance flexion of the forefoot at the ball of the feet.


    The monarch IV is a comfortable shoe. It is most likely the comfiest shoes you have owned. The tongue is padded, which offers comfort to the top of the foot.


    The Nike Air Monarch IV copies the 90’s style. You may wonder how such a style still sells. The truth is there is a target population who appreciate the style and even embrace it.

    Indeed, the style is not universally embraced, but vintage shoes are taking over the market. A whole lot of people love the stylish comeback. These shoes offer more comfort and protection than the older generation.


    Air monarchs are not lightweight shoes. This makes them unsuitable for running. It weighs 425 grams- quite a heavyweight.

    This weight tells us that this model is not light by any definition. Notwithstanding, some users commented on how it made their feet less heavy.

    Advantages of air monarch IV

  • It is an excellent choice for individuals with broad feet.
  • It is price friendly.
  • The shoes fit true to size.
  • It is durable
  • You can wear them as an everyday option or strictly for a workout.
  • Disadvantages of air monarch IV

  • The laces are quite short.
  • The shoe lacks finesse as it squeaks on movement.
  • The outsole gets easily worn out. It is not durable.
  • The structure does not permit adequate ventilation of one’s feet.
  • Conclusion

    The air monarch IV shoes cushion your every stride. Whether you're stepping into the gym or merely stepping out, the full-length encapsulated Air-Sole unit cushions each step with comfort and support.

    The monarch design is made to last. The leather perforations as an upper feature serve to improve airflow. The leather overlays enhance durability and support.

    The solid rubber outsole is made for durable wear and stable traction on varied surfaces. Whatever and wherever the activity, move with confidence.

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