Why Are Dumbbells So Expensive?

Are you planning to buy dumbbells? If yes, you must have visited online shops or stores to get an idea about this product. And you must have witnessed the sky-high prices of dumbbells.

You must have wondered, why are dumbbells so expensive? What is so special about them? Well, there are many unique things about dumbbells that make them expensive. As the fitness passion among people is growing, they are buying such equipment.

You must be one of them. If you are a newbie, it might be difficult to select suitable dumbbells, especially when you have a limited budget. Here is everything you need to know about the price of dumbbells.

In this write-up, we will explain the reasons behind the high prices of dumbbells. Also, you will find some money-saving tips while buying dumbbells and suitable alternatives to dumbbells. Let’s dive into the discussion.

11 Major Reasons

Rather than ranting about the expensive dumbbells, it is better to look into the reasons behind their high price. After you are acquainted with these reasons, you can find a way to avoid them.

Moreover, you can judge your purchase and decide whether it is worth it or should you opt for an alternative.

Here are the prime reasons for the costly nature of dumbbells to help you develop an insight into your purchase. We will discuss each of them in detail.

Shipping Costs

The products that have high shipping costs are expensive. And the shipping costs of products depend on different features. One of these is the weight of your package. 

If your parcel weighs more, its shipping costs will be high.

We all know how heavy dumbbells are. It would be more expensive if you ordered the whole pack, including all the weights. Heavy products require more fuel. And when shipping companies invest in power, they recover it by increasing the prices.

Besides, heavy parcels are difficult to handle, and they can also damage the vehicle. So, they might also include this factor, and the price consequently increases.

While buying dumbbells, always consider shipping costs. It is one of the prime reasons for the expensive nature of dumbbells. The more distant you are from the manufacturer, the more it will cost.

Manufacturing Material

Manufacturers use different types of materials for manufacturing dumbbells. The two most commonly used materials are plastic, cast iron, steel, and pure iron.

The price of dumbbells also varies based on their manufacturing material.

Plastic Dumbbells

The cheapest material used for dumbbells is plastic. For the weight, they are filled with sand. Though you can get these dumbbells at a low price, they have a lot of drawbacks.

The sand can cause imbalance and result in injury. Also, when you are putting more weight on one side than the other, it affects your muscles and bones.

Cast Iron Dumbbells

Then there are dumbbells made up of cast iron. Heavy iron is used to increase their weight. Though they are more expensive than plastic dumbbells, they are affordable.

Cast iron is ideal for people who want a quality product within a low budget.

Pure Iron/Steel Dumbbells

Manufacturers also use pure iron or steel for dumbbells. Iron/steel is processed through different methods to mold them in the shape of dumbbells. As the iron content is high, they are expensive.

No doubt, pure iron/steel dumbbells are the most expensive, but they are worth it.

Durability Comes With Price

Dumbbells are durable. They are a one-time purchase, and you cannot buy new dumbbells after every few months. And every durable product is expensive.

Such as, if you opt for plastic dumbbells, they will be out of order in a few months. However, if you invest in steel dumbbells, they will accompany you for a long time.

It is unlikely that steel/pure iron dumbbells will get damaged. So, you can also sell them.
So, dumbbells need to be durable, and durability comes with a price. It is why dumbbells are so expensive.

High-Quality Product

Dumbbells are high-quality products. Even plastic dumbbells are made up of high-quality plastic. Besides, low-quality dumbbells can result in injury.

If the manufacturers use low-quality products, they can also face legal consequences. They are responsible for the reliability of their products.

To ensure the quality of dumbbells, manufacturers invest a handsome amount in them. Manufacturers use high-tech methods and premium quality raw materials to maintain the credibility of their products.

And to recover that investment, they sell dumbbells at a high price.

Supply and Demand Ratio

The supply and demand ratio of a product can also affect its price. If the demand for a product is high and the supply is low, its price will increase and vice versa. When applied to dumbbells, the exact condition explains the reason for their costly nature.

During the pandemic, the prices of dumbbells were sky-high. It is because demand was more and supply was lesser. The pandemic thwarted manufacturing.

And while people were at home, they were buying dumbbells for their home gym. Resultantly, the prices increased.

Similarly, if we see on a broader level, the training passion among people is increasing. And more and more people are going to gyms or starting working out at home.

Also, there are very few manufacturers that produce high-quality dumbbells. It is why the price of dumbbells is usually high.


The price of dumbbells is also high because of the resellers. Not all people can directly reach the manufacturers. And some prefer to buy dumbbells from some store.

In such cases, they usually go to resellers.
Resellers are the persons that have bought products from the manufacturer at the original price or some other reseller.

And now, they are selling it on their own. They increase the cost of the product. Some of them may sell such products at doubled or tripled prices.

Dumbbells are generally expensive. If you buy them from resellers, they cost you even more. Resellers earn profit by maintaining the supply.
Resellers are one of the significant reasons behind the high prices of dumbbells.

They purchase dumbbells in bulk, and customers usually don’t get the chance to buy dumbbells directly from the manufacturers.

Consequently, the market is so suffocated that customers are left with no other choice than to buy dumbbells from resellers at doubled or tripled prices.

Comes in Pair

Dumbbells always come in pairs. Though you can alternatively use a single dumbbell for both arms, it is not convenient. It would take a lot of time and frustrate the user.

Dumbbells are also expensive because you are paying for two products. You are paying for double material, double manufacturing costs, and double shipping costs. So, you are buying double the product.


Technology is evolving in every field, including fitness and training. Manufacturers incorporate gym equipment with the latest technologies to help fitness enthusiasts achieve their goals.

While working out, people love to use high-tech features. Dumbbells are also introduced with the latest technology. Adjustable dumbbells gained massive acceptance in the market.

People love to use dumbbells with user-friendly features. However, the price also increases along with the incorporation of technology. If you opt for high-tech dumbbells, you would need to pay more.

How to Save Money?

You must have read the reasons above. And we haven’t mentioned it yet; let us make one thing clear. Dumbbells can be expensive on the market. You might have a flexible budget, but you should also prepare yourself for the alternative.

Here are some tips to help you save money without compromising on quality while buying dumbbells.

Buy Cast Iron Dumbbells Rather Than Steel

While buying dumbbells, pay special attention to the manufacturing material. It is not necessary to buy the most expensive dumbbells. A few options can offer high quality within an affordable budget.

Cast iron dumbbells are way better than plastic dumbbells in quality. And they are less expensive than steel/pure iron dumbbells. So, if you are looking for an affordable option, there is no better choice than cast iron dumbbells.

They are hollow from the inside, and their weight primarily depends on the iron content. Also, these dumbbells have less material than steel dumbbells. So, their shipping costs are less. Though the iron used is not pure, it is worth it.

Consider Buying Second-Hand Dumbbells

Dumbbells are one gym equipment that doesn’t get damaged easily. So, getting second-hand dumbbells isn’t a bad idea.

You can easily find thoroughly cleaned dumbbells. Mostly, they are in good condition. And you can easily employ them in your exercises.

You can buy used dumbbells from garage sales, thrift stores, or you can ask gym members. The best part is you will get functional dumbbells at a low price.

Mostly, when it comes to second-hand products, sellers are looking forward to getting rid of them. So, they offer a low price, and you can further bargain about the price. Isn’t it an ideal alternative to costly new dumbbells?

Purchase Adjustable Dumbbells

Another alternative for an affordable purchase is adjustable dumbbells. Though adjustable dumbbells might seem an expensive option, they are not.

Adjustable dumbbells are a one-time investment. They don’t need any maintenance or repair expenses. Unlike other dumbbells, which demand constant cost, adjustable dumbbells require only one payment, which is the purchase price.

Also, adjustable dumbbells are one of those dumbbells manufactured on the latest technology. It means they are durable.

Adjustable dumbbells are worth it, and they will save you a lot in the long term. It is also a form of saving that you invest in adorable and reliable products.

Don’t Buy All the Weights!

When you are buying dumbbells, there are a few options in front of you. The first is to purchase different dumbbells, one for each weight. The second is to buy different weights if you opt for adjustable dumbbells.

It is not necessary to buy all their weights. You can skip the lower weights, which you have mastered. Or the highest ones, which are not helpful for you yet.

Buy only those weights that you use frequently.
By doing so, you will have to pay less. And you can get high-quality dumbbells at a lower price rather than buying a full pack while compromising on the quality.

Alternatives for Dumbbells

If you have a limited budget and cannot afford dumbbells even after following these money-saving tips, the only way is to look for alternatives.

Several other exercises can help you train without buying expensive gym equipment.


Calisthenics is usually advised to beginners who are not used to training with dumbbells. However, it is equally valuable. Calisthenics includes exercises, such as push-ups, pull-ups, planks, and sit-ups.

You can easily set up a pull-up bar in some corner of your home. It saves space and is also affordable. You can do the rest of the exercises involved in calisthenics without any equipment.

Though you cannot compare calisthenics with proper weight training, it helps you get stronger and leaner. Also, the movements involved in training with dumbbells are unnatural and might be difficult for many people.

However, calisthenics helps you get into shape with natural body movements. It is a healthier and stable alternative to expensive dumbbells.


Yes, dumbbells are expensive, but they are worth it. They are not expensive for no reason. Their manufacturing material, high quality, durability, and high-tech features demand price.

There is no need to hesitate while buying dumbbells. They are a one-time purchase. So, try to buy the best dumbbells you can afford. There are many options to get premium-quality dumbbells on an affordable budget.

You can always opt for calisthenics or a nearby-gym membership. However, if you want to increase the effectiveness of your workouts at home, there is no better option than dumbbells.

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